Welcome to Sweet Home Ashley, the blog that feels like home

Have you ever noticed that when the song Sweet Home Alabama comes on whether you’re at a bar, or a wedding, or on a road trip – the song gets turned up and the crowd just gets lost in the lyrics and the vibe?  Everyone starts singing along even if they don’t know all of the words and total strangers join arm in arm belting their hearts out. It’s always a joyful vibe that brings the crowd together for a moment  That feeling, that moment, that energy – that’s what this blog is – the blog that feels like home. 

Home is inviting, comfortable, cozy. It doesn’t judge you or steer you in the wrong direction. It takes you as you are and offers a big welcoming hug whenever you stop by. That’s what you’ll get every time you visit. And just like home, this blog will change with the seasons, it’ll get makeovers according to the styles, it’ll promote your overall well being – and it will always be here for you. 

Think of the pages and posts as closets and rooms for you to peruse based on whatever you need in the moment. Maybe you need to check out my closet to borrow some style ideas, maybe you need to explore my vanity for makeup tips, maybe you want to sit at my kitchen table and admire the new centrepiece I’ve just made, or maybe you want to pack up my suitcase and explore somewhere new with me. 

My life is an open book and my doors are always open – make yourself at home.