I’ve always admired European style and wanted to emulate that effortless elegance. From Paris to Milan to London to Madrid, it’s like they were all born with an eye for fashion. Europeans always appear so put together without overdoing it or trying too hard. Me? I have to work at it. I have to find what I like, copy it,  and maybe embellish with my own unique take where I can. So you better believe that when I was recently traveling in Spain, I was observed and noted the summer style trends to bring home and replicate. Check out my roundup of the 5 European Summer Style Trends we can all replicate at home – wherever that may be!

1) Monochrome

One chic European summer style trend that I saw everywhere was monochrome. I spotted this look on women walking into their office buildings, having a late night cocktail, and also just doing some casual shopping. This was typically executed with a monochromatic set like this one from ASOS. So many fabulous European ladies were rocking trouser pants like this option from Express paired with a matching extra long blazer or button up blouse. The colors ranged from elegant neutrals to bold jewel tones like this emerald green monochrome set.

Monochromatic Outfits

2) Espadrilles

I’m sure your next question is, “well what shoes were they wearing with these outfits?” Loads and loads of espadrilles like these cuties. But like I mentioned before, I was in Spain, which is the birthplace of espadrilles (true fact!). So keep in mind that espadrilles will naturally be more prevalent there. They ranged from wedge espadrilles versions like this to simple flat espadrilles like this to more intricate lace up versions like this, which definitely seemed to be more of a European summer style trend. There were massive lines outside of the espadrille making shops where you could pick your height, color, heel, and strap and get a totally customized pair of espadrilles – the perfect souvenir and summer staple!

Summer Espadrilles

3) Linen

Not unique to Europe, but certainly more prevalent, I’ve included Linen in my 5 European Summer Style Trends. I noticed many women wearing either linen slacks like these or linen shorts like these. But also cute linen sets like this one! These linen outfits really seemed to elevate any look, while also offering a LITTLE relief from the insane Spanish heat! The most common linen wardrobe staple were the classic white linen pants, which would look SO cute paired with these classic yet edgy espadrille heels.

Linen Summer Outfits

4) Neutral Sneakers and High Tops

Another European summer style trend that I noticed and swooned over was the popularity of simple sneakers. They were paired with dresses, trousers, shorts, and everything in between! These were by far the most popular pair of little white sneakers worn with everything. Some pairs had cute embellishments like studs or foil and some were super simple. I also saw a ton of ladies wearing my favorite Converse high tops, which I had actually brought along so I felt like a local. Surprisingly, sandals really were not a big thing being worn in Europe, but I’m not sure I can give those up as much as I’d like to appear European chic 😉

White Summer Sneakers

5) Satin Dresses

The last of my 5 European Summer Style Trend roundup is satin dresses like this and satin maxi skirts like this. I loved the pairing of a sexy satin summer dress paired with cute little white sneakers. This is the epitome of that effortless fashion sense I was talking about before! The satin dresses that really caught my eye were bold colors like this one or subtle texture prints like this or bold florals like this one.

Satin Dresses

Whether you’re European fashion obsessed like me or you’re just looking for some Summery outfit inspiration, I hope you found some styles you’d like to recreate in your own wardrobe! If you enjoyed this roundup of 5 European Summer Style Trends and would like more summer outfit inspiration then check out this post on Amazon Summer Neutrals!

Thanks for reading!

Xx, Ashley

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