My Holiday Wishlist!

Ask me any time of the year if there’s things I’m wanting to buy and the answer is always yes! And I can always tell you exactly what I want! But when Christmas time rolls around it’s like my mind goes blank and I can’t remember any of the things I’d been wish for all year! Has that ever happened to you? If so, check out what’s on my holiday wishlist and hopefully find some inspiration for your own list!

1. Preppy Blazer

I have had this blazer in my cart for almost the entire year, but haven’t purchased because it’s a bit more than I like to spend on myself. But how cute are the pearl details and gold stitching?! I love it!

2. More of My Fave Lip Gloss

I tried this lip gloss in the berry shade when it went on sale for Prime Day and I’m obsessed. Normally, I can’t justify spending $18 on a lip gloss, but I just love this one. It has a very subtle tint to it and also moisturizes. So it’s kind of like 2 in 1!

3. Anything Taylor Swift

It’s no secret that I am a huuuuuge Swiftie! And my claim to fame is that I’m an OG! I loved her since the days of buying her CD and playing it in my Daewoo on the way to high school. I was lucky enough to see The Era’s tour this summer and so I’d love an Era’s Tour ornament! But honestly I just want anything TayTay! The Etsy creations are way more affordable and cuter than actual merch. Like how cute is this Taylor Tumbler?!

4. A Fancy Everyday Bag

I have a Tory Burch bag for nights out on the town (it’s small and chic) and I really love the simplicity of it! I’d love to get a bigger bag more for every day purposes and something that can handle all our traveling! I think this Tory Burch tote bag is gorgeous. A hefty price tag, but a girl can dream!

5. Classic Black Jeans

I’ve struggled finding the perfect black jeans, but I know I love my blue skinny jeans from Abercrombie, so I’m confident these black skinny jeans will be perfect!

6. Cropped Trench

I have literally never seen a cropped trench coat until this year and I love it! It gives me cool, edgy vibes on a very classic sillhouette. This one is super affordable and super cute! It’s number six, but one of my top wishes 🙂

7. Running Shoes

I’m not a runner, but I do love Orangetheory and those treadmills are hard on sneakers! I’m due for a fresh pair of my all time favorite workout shoes, the Hoka Cliftons.

8. Fancier Belt Bag

I love my original Lululemon belt bag, but this style is a lot more elevated and I think that I could wear it on more occasions!

9. Vintage Coupe Glasses

I saw these while window shopping at the mall and it was love at first sight! We have a very vintage aesthetic home and these vintage coupe glasses would be the perfect addition for our antique bar!

10. Lookalike Uggs

I know what you’re thinking, why not ask for the real ones? Well, I’m sure these won’t be in style soon, so why spend the money? And for now I love them and think they’d be the perfect work from home shoe! I particularly like them in the beige color!

Dream Gift!

And because maybe Santa will come some year! The gorgeous, legendary, Primrose mirror has been on my holiday wishlist for ages and will continue to be! 🙂

I hope my holiday wishlist inspired some ideas for you as well! A couple of other items that didn’t make the list above are an iPad Pro, Adidas Samba sneakers, and money to buy kindle books. Of course the real holiday magic is just to be with loved ones! If you’re looking for more gift ideas, check out my 2023 gift guides!

Xx, Ashley

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