There’s nothing worse than shopping for jeans – am I right? I remember times when I literally cried in the dressing room because I was either too short or too curvy to find the right fit and I’m sure the same is true if you’re taller, all legs no torso, have a large bum, etc. We all have unique figures, but the perfect pair of jeans is out there for all of us!

Which is why I created this guide to make jean shopping as painless as possible and to help you find that magical pair you’ll want to wear on repeat! This guide includes several styles from skinny jeans, to flares, to wide leg jeans all at affordable price points. There’s truly a perfect fitting jean for ever body shape! So keep reading for your guide to affordable jeans for every body type.

1. Abercrombie

I have so much love for Abercrombie’s curve love line! Honestly, I had left Abercrombie in my high school past until I saw a friend mention them as some of her all-time favorite denim. If someone says all-time fave, then I’m trying them! For those of us whose hips don’t lie (shout out Shakira), there is Abercrombie’s curve love jeans that have a little extra room in the hip and booty area.  They also come in non-curvy and extra-short, short, regular, long and extra-long – so they’re extremely size inclusive. Abercrombie jeans average around $90, but they go on sale quite often and you can usually get them around $75. The Abercrombie jeans that I have and love are:

Abercrombie Curve Love
  • Abercrombie Curve Love High Rise Super Skinny Ankle Jean: Retails for $80 | True to Size | Some Stretch
    • I love these jeans so much so that I have two pairs. I have the medium wash that has the normal waistband and the medium wash with the criss-cross waistband. I like a medium wash in jeans because they’ll work for all seasons whereas a lighter wash is more Spring/Summer and a darker wash is more Fall/Winter.  They are true to size (I usually wear a 12 short). This is my number one best denim recommendation because they hug your hips just right, give a little support in the tummy area, and I love how many sizing options there are to find the perfect fit. Plus, I’ve had them for years and they hold up so well!
  • Abercrombie High Rise 90s Relaxed Jean: Retails for $90 | Size Up | No Stretch
    • The Abercrombie high rise 90s relaxed jeans have gone viral and sold out several times! I was cautious about trying this style as everyone sharing them was tall and thin, the complete opposite of my body type, but happy to report that they’re adorable on curvy petite women too! I did size up one in these and got the 32 short. They can easily be styled casually or elevated as seen below!

2 ) Good American

Good American Jeans
  • Good American Good Legs Skinny Jeans: Retails for $150 | Size Up | Medium Stretch
    • Do I love that this company is owned by Khloe Kardashian? No. Do I love these jeans? Yes! Full disclosure, the only reason I tried this brand is because they sent me a pair for free, but I can honestly say that they’re really great. The Good American jeans are the most expensive jeans that I have in my closet, but they’re so good. They have a bit of stretch that makes them a little more comfortable in the tummy area for bending or dancing or whatever you need to do. This is my favorite pair of skinny jeans to wear in the fall and winter because they’re a super dark wash, which makes them look dressier so you can easily style to wear on nicer occasions.

3 ) Levi’s

One thing about Levi jeans is that their sizing is all over the place, it’s so frustrating, but once you find the pair that fits, you’ll love these jeans! I have two pairs of Levi jeans that I found on Amazon and love them both for different reasons. Something to note that I learned from Levi denim is that if you’re buying the brand “Levi’s”, it typically means that those jeans are 100% denim and therefore more expensive and do not have any sretch, whereas the “Signature by Levi Strauss” brand are a denim blend, more affordable, and lots of stretch. Here are the two pairs of Levi’s  jeans that I have and love:

Levi Women's Jeans
  • Levi’s Women’s Wedgie Straight Jeans: Retails for $48| Size Up |No Stretch
    • This pair is one of my bestsellers on Instagram. I have them in a lighter wash that is perfect for spring and they also come in dark denim washes and black! They button up rather than zip up, which offers a bit of tummy reinforcement. I wear a size 32 and could even do a size 33, but they don’t go past size 32, so not as size inclusive. Also, keep in mind that this style is a bit cropped as you can see in the photo above. However, many of my much taller blogger friends rock these all spring and summer long!
  • Signature by Levi Strauss Totally Shaping Flare Jean: Retails for $28 | True to Size | Lots of Stretch
    • I love that flares are trending again and these are such a cute and affordable option that works great for all body types. These jeans have a lot of stretch, so be mindful of that as you choose your size. They come in a medium wash that is so versatile for any season. I wear a 12 short. I like to style these with a higher heel or wedge heel as flares can elongate our legs and heels help with that effect!

4 ) Sofia Vergara at Walmart

Sofia Vergara Jeans
  • Sofia Vergara Rosa Curvy Skinny Super High Rise Seamless Jeans: Retails for $24.50 | True to Size | Medium Stretch
    • I will never be able to get over the fact that these jeans are at Walmart of all places! I love these jeans so much so that I have four pairs. They are that good. They come in several washes and styles like a flare and straight leg that I really want to try too! I wear a size 12 and they are true to size. This is the most affordable pair of denim that I own. I will caveat that by saying the quality isn’t quite as good as the more expensive pairs, but that goes without saying when you’re spending a third of the price. However, I’ve worn and washed these for two seasons now and they’ve held up well! They’re a must.


  • Loft Petite High Rise Wide Leg: Retails for $90 | True to Size | No Stretch
    • Loft is usually known for cute work outfits, but don’t sleep on their jeans! Everything in their petite section is great for shorties, but they also have tall and regular sizes. I tried the Loft high rise wide leg jeans in a 12 petite and they’re perfect. These jeans do not have any stretch to them, which means they hold their shape well. They come in a dark wash and light wash and typically go on sale for ~30% off, so keep an eye out for that!

So there you go! These are my tried and true top 5 favorite brands for jeans. It’s so important to have a favorite pair of jeans or two as they are truly such a closer staple! IhHope you loved my guide to affordable jeans for every body type! Did any of your favorites make the list?!

Xx, Ashley

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