Gift giving is my number one love language. I always hate to share that because I think it makes me sound greedy, but I literally mean if you found a rock in the dirt that made you think of me and you give that to me – I would love it, mainly for the fact that you thought of me. And sure while I love to receive a good gift, I love even more to give a good gift, one that you are just so excited to see your loved one open up. I am notorious for spilling the beans on gifts I buy for my friends and family before we ever make it to the holidays. True story – I already told my husband what I got for him because I was just so proud and excited about what I’d found. Because I can’t keep a secret to save my life, it’s so hard for me to shop for Christmas gifts early and keep the secret to myself that much longer, but this year that’s a must! If gifts are more of a chore to you or you’re stumped about what to buy, don’t worry, I’ve compiled gift guides featuring unique and affordable gift ideas for everyone on your list. I hope this makes your 2021 shopping just a little easier and may the shipping gods be ever in your favor!

I polled my Instagram followers and asked them who is the most difficult person to shop for on their list. The top 3 responses were husbands/boyfriends, in-laws, and people they don’t know well but had to get a gift for. I’ve also pulled gift ideas for the traveler, techie, bookworm, fitness fanatic, homebody, best friend, sister, and decorators in your life, but I plan to add more gift guides below over the coming weeks so be sure to check back for more and happy shopping!

Gift Ideas For Husbands & Boyfriends

Why are the guys so hard to shop for?! This was the number one requested gift guide and I totally commiserate. I tried to pull something for all types of guys from golfers, to whiskey lovers, to couch potatoes, to athletes. My husband and my bestie’s husband approved of this list so hopefully your man will too!

Gift Ideas For The Traveler

If you follow me on Instagram you know I travel A LOT! The below are tried and true and must haves for any traveler. I’ve included unique and affordable gift ideas for the traveler below, but also an AirBnb gift card or a plane ticket would be perfect for travel lovers too!

Gift Ideas For In-laws & Parents

In-laws and parents can be tough because they already have everything and they have way more money than us millennials – lol. I like to go for the heart strings on Christmas, so I’ve pulled a few sentimental picks. And I also like to try to spend a little more on them since they do so much for us! I’ve personally gifted the massager and the bucket list book to my mom and stepdad and they loved them both! Who wouldn’t love a set of luxurious sheets?! *adds*to*her*own*wishlist*

Gift Ideas For Girlfriends & Sisters

This one gets me because my best friends are very preppy and I’m a bit of a free spirit so when I see trendy things I’m not sure how they will fly with my friends. Celestial pieces and the female form pieces are SO in right now and I love them! I’ve also included some classic items like the neutral crewneck, the funny candle, and the beautiful embroidered bag. A Little Words Project bracelet is always a special gift too! The lightning bolt BFF bracelets are something I swoon over, but they are the priciest item on this list. Definitely a keepsake item. If not for Christmas maybe a special birthday, wedding gift, or bridal shower gift?

Gift Ideas For Someone You Hardly Know

These unique and affordable gift ideas stemmed from an Instagram request of gift ideas for “my brothers new gf I hardly know”, but I think it could also work for co-workers, your hair stylist or nail tech, a neighbor, your child’s teacher – that sort of contact in your life. The Himalayan salt alarm clock and sloth planter really depend on your audience, but I thought they were really cool find. The stove top fragrance kit is so unique – I think moms and friends would love that idea too!

Gift Ideas For Techies & Gadget Lovers

This gift guide is for the person who loves cool gadgets and technology. I think the apple air tags will be a huge hit this year. The USB rechargeable lighter is so cool to me and very ecofriendly as well. The retro phone holder actually has a speaker too and just is a fun little gadget someone may enjoy!

Gift Ideas For Bookworms

I created the booklover’s unique and affordable gift ideas guide somewhat out of selfishness haha. I’m a massive booklover and love any chance I get to cozy up with a good read. I never ever thought I’d be the type to buy an e-reader, but I did, and I hate to say I love it. I don’t read EVERYTHING on my Kindle Paperwhite, but I do read a lot on there and it hooks me because when I finish a book it provides suggestions for what I might like next and then it hooks me again! It’s a cool thing to have, but it will never replace the feel of actual books so I’ve included the cute page holder and the beautiful pressed flower bookmarks. When I think of reading, I think of being snuggled up and warm so I added some nice teas, a candle, a cute crewneck, and the famous Carhartt hat.

Gift Ideas For Fitness Fanatics

 For the gym rat in your life this gift guide is for them. I love this sweatshirt so much and the Etsy seller that makes it has a ton of other cute options and colors! The Dry Bar wet brush as well as the freshening up kit would be perfect for finishing up a workout and keeping in a gym bag, which is another great gift idea if they don’t have one!

Gift Ideas For Homebodies

The homebody gift guide follows the same train of thought as the booklover’s gift guide – it’s all things cozy. A satin sleep set with pillowcase, scrunchie, and eye mask would be such a treat! The book shelf games are just so pretty, even if you didn’t actually play the game they would look so nice! And the heated slippers and/or heated plushie would be super cozy for the winter months ahead. 

Gift Ideas For Home Decor Lovers

The unique and affordable home decor finds really make a statement. I personally have the jewelry stand and it’s an Instagram favorite that I get asked about a lot! I love these cocktail glasses giving me all of the Gatsby vibes. The lap desk is great for those of us still working from home. And I am obsessed with the Roman head vases (she says as she adds to cart). 

As mentioned up above I’ll be adding to this list of unique and affordable gift ideas for everyone on your list all season! If there is someone on your list that is particularly difficult to shop for just let me know in the comment below and I’ll pull some ideas for them! Wishing you the most wonderful holiday season!!! 

Also, if you’re looking for a homemade option check out my post on how to make quick and easy homemade ornaments!

Xx, Ashley

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